Clubs: Join the 38-Day Challenge by posting a new video on social media for 38 days in a row. One or more members can participate so long as a video is posted each day.

Who: All clubs in District 38. This is a club challenge and may be fulfilled by any combination of club members over the time frame. At a minimum, there should be one club member posting each day. Clubs can schedule certain members to post for specific days. Members may also take on the challenge personally by posting during the 38-day period, regardless if they are representing their club or not. More than one member may post on a single day.

Where: TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin. You should post to personal and/or club accounts (make sure to use hashtags below).

When: Complete the 38-day challenge by 12/31/21.  (Challenge must be started on/before November 23, 2021, to complete by end of the year.)

Topics: Any non-controversial topic. Does not need to be Toastmasters related but suggested topics are:

  • Why you joined Toastmasters?
  • How has Toastmasters benefited you?
  • Why your club is special?
  • Your interests/hobbies

Potential Benefits:

  • Members Demonstrate their Skills
  • Showcase Your Members & Club
  • Demonstrate Growth & Development
  • Gain Experience with Social Media & Technology
  • Attract New Members

Recognition: STAND OUT videos will be posted on District 38 platforms.

Suggested Time: One to two minutes. Videos length should be appropriate to subject, and can be longer.

Hashtags: #TMDISTRICT38 #D38DAYCHALLENGE Club specific hashtag # (make sure everyone uses the same #)

Feedback will be requested from participating clubs. (e.g., membership growth, member development, general feedback)

Challenges: How many days in a row can you complete? You don’t need to stop at 38.
How many members can participate? The more the merrier.
How many total videos? Clubs can post more than once a day.
Which clubs will embrace the challenge?
Challenge another club to a friendly competition.