Club Virtual Meeting Incentive

Clubs can receive up to $15 per month expense reimbursement for the club’s virtual meeting platform.

Hold at least two online club meetings per month via a virtual meeting platform club account used for Toastmasters business only AND maintain records of meeting dates and attendance.

When submitting receipt via Concur, enter the meeting dates and attendance in the comment section.

If the club purchases annual membership, they can submit reimbursement for the previous quarter within 30 days of quarter end (March, June, September, December). If purchased in August, it would be two months (August & September) submitted by the end of October. The October to December portion would need to be submitted by the end of January.
Virtual Meeting screen and camera
From: District 38
Dates: through December 31, 2020
Eligible: All Clubs
To Claim: Submit expense receipt and meeting date and attendance details through Concur within 30 days of transaction.
Restrictions: The virtual meeting account must be used for Toastmasters business only.