DCP Membership Qualification Incentive

Clubs renewing sufficient members on or before April 1st to become Distinguished Club Program eligible will receive $100 District Dollars.

Submit member dues payments to Toastmasters International on or before April 1, 2021 for a minimum of twenty (20) club members – or – for a net growth of five (5) members over the July 1, 2020 base.

The official club renewal date is the Verified Complete Date as stated on Toastmasters International’s Renewal reports.

Find your club’s July 1st base membership using this link to the Toastmasters International dashboard: Toastmasters Dashboard

DCP Eligible!
From: District 38
Dates: Submit dues renewals by April 1, 2021
Eligible: All Clubs
To Claim: Automatically awarded to qualifying clubs.
Restrictions: None