TLI Training – Frequently Asked Questions

What is TLI?

TLI is Toastmasters Leadership Institute. TLI provides training for the entire district. This includes Summer and Winter Toastmasters Leadership Training.

What type of training is provided at Summer TLI Training?

A typical training has both: Club officer breakout sessions and Workshops on general topics, such as How to Run a Successful Speech Contest and How to Make Your Club Distinguished –The Distinguished Club Program.

Why attend TLI Training twice a year?

Help your club earn Distinguished Club Program (DCP) credit.
What you learn here will help you become a more successful, effective club officer and leader year round. Toast-master the skills in a fun setting!
Trained club officers translate into a club’s ultimate success. Last year having 100% club officers trained correlated with Distinguished Club status.
Networking – Meet your peers in the District. Make new friends.
It’s both fun and educational.

Who can attend TLI Training?

Training is open to all Toastmasters members. Every club officer should attend in order to effectively fulfill their roles and help get Distinguished Club Program (DCP) credit for their club.

How do I register for TLI Training?

Register online at Officer Training Schedule. Choose the date and location best for you. (Non-officers register as non-officers.) You will receive an email confirmation and reminder emails.

How much does TLI Training cost?

Training is free to all Toastmasters members.

How will my club earn DCP credit for TLI Training?

The full DCP credit (Goal 9) is earned when at least four (4) club officers are trained during both the summer and winter. Half (½) DCP credit is earned in the summer, and the other half in the winter. It is District 38’s expectation that at least four (4) club officers are trained during both the summer and winter.

May I attend TLI Training in another district and still receive DCP credit for my club within District 38?

Yes, so long as an verification of your attendance from the other district is emailed to the TLI Registration Chair.

The number of officers who completed training is not reflected on the Toastmasters International website. Why not?

Recording officer training on the Toastmasters International website requires manual input of each officer trained, as Toastmasters has no automated system. Because of this, we only perform infrequent batch updates on the official website during the training period. If you attended training, your club will receive credit.

Can Co-Officers holding Club Officer Role together obtain DCP credit training?

Co-Officers will count as “one officer trained” toward DCP Goal #9. It is better if you both attend training in the summer and winter to be effective. You and your Co-Officer decide who gets credit for the summer, and who gets credit for the winter. Let your Club President and Club Vice President of Education know.

Is food provided at the TLI Training?

The Officer Training Schedule may indicate when food is provided at a training. In any event, anyone with food allergies or special dietary needs should bring your own food.

Is it possible for the District to send trainers to train club officers at our club?

No, the District cannot provide this option.