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DCP - Current Distinguished Club Program Report.
* - Club may have membership eligibility requirements.
@ - Club may have professional and/or educational prerequisites.
Other clubs are open to all interested parties. For additional information about membership, please contact the club.

Note: Before visiting any club, confirm their meeting day, time and location by contacting the Club contact listed on the Toastmasters International page or the Club website.
Division A Penny Devlin, DTM
Area 11 Brent Schultz
Harrisburg, PA HYP Toastmasters 1748386 DCP
Harrisburg, PA Penn Harris Toastmasters Club 2128 DCP
Hershey, PA Central Penn Club 2118   DCP
Online, Hitachi Toastmasters* 7806422     DCP
Area 12 Kaitlyn Schultz
Camp Hill, PA Effective Communicators 9129 DCP
Camp Hill, PA Gannett Fleming Toastmasters Club 2658 DCP
Carlisle, PA Carlisle Community Toastmasters 7201113 DCP
Harrisburg, PA PDE Toastmasters Club 9346   DCP
Mechanicsburg, PA Now Hear This Club 465   DCP
Area 13 Regis Bingham
Harrisburg, PA Toastmasters of Camp Curtin 1234146 DCP
Summerdale, PA Susquehanna Advanced [email protected] 1555961 DCP
Summerdale, PA Susquehanna Icebreaker Club 9945 DCP
Area 14 Steven Glick
Camp Hill, PA Scholastic Toastmasters 1437817 DCP
Camp Hill, PA Stunning Speakers* 7377767       DCP
Camp Hill, PA West Shore Toastmasters Club 227 DCP
Manchester, PA Sunflake Toastmasters* 6655787       DCP
York, PA White Rose Club 5287 DCP
York, PA York Toastmasters Club 2435   DCP
Area 15 Kevin Schafer
Elizabethtown, PA Elizabethtown Toastmasters 7184479 DCP
Lancaster, PA Conestoga Club 1090 DCP
Lancaster, PA Lancaster General Health Toastmasters Club* 3250842     DCP
Lancaster, PA Red Rose Toastmasters 680950   DCP
Marietta, PA Donegal Insurance Group Toastmasters Club* 4565024     DCP
Division B Ola Laniya, DTM
Area 20 Keely Riel
Concordville, PA State Farm Toastmasters Club* 2926     DCP
Downingtown, PA Downingtown Toastmasters 1772531   DCP
Newtown Square, PA PMI Speaks* 7182392     DCP
Newtown Square, PA SAP Toastmasters @ NSQ 3356109 DCP
Area 21 Barbara Duncan
Malvern, PA Cerner Toastmasters Club 8300   DCP
Malvern, PA DaVita Team Liberty Toastmasters* 7326689       DCP
Malvern, PA Janssen Malvern Toastmasters* 4801724     DCP
Malvern, PA Speaking Guaranteed Club 1645608     DCP
Area 22 John Gunson II
Malvern, PA Majestic Toastmasters* 3867355     DCP
Malvern, PA Speech Illustrated Toastmasters* 5870693     DCP
Malvern, PA Voicing Great Ideas Toastmasters Club* 4838477     DCP
Area 23 Sushila Subramanian
West Chester, PA Chester County Toastmasters 946 DCP
West Chester, PA Comcast WC* 5685352     DCP
West Chester, PA Moodys Analytics, Inc (ECCA) 4413062   DCP
Area 24 Michael Friedlander, DTM
Crum Lynne, PA The Confabulators!* 6643764     DCP
Newtown Square, PA Brutally Honest With [email protected] 7694642   DCP
Philadelphia, PA Stand and Deliver ACFC Toastmasters Club* 4215555   DCP
Ridley Park, PA Boeing Helicopters Club* 3716       DCP
Springfield, PA Delaware County Toastmasters Club 3204 DCP
Division C Frank Perri, DTM
Area 30 Laurel Lorenz
Philadelphia, PA Delivered With Excellence* 6870216   DCP
Philadelphia, PA Fox Professional Speakers 593456   DCP
Philadelphia, PA I.T.S. Blue Diamond* 2311736       DCP
Philadelphia, PA Panorama Toastmasters Club 9669 DCP
Philadelphia, PA PCA Toastmasters* 5409064       DCP
Area 31 Aaron Beverly
Online, North America Chinese Bilingual Toastmasters 7847110     DCP
Philadelphia, PA Big Blue Club 6120   DCP
Philadelphia, PA CHOP Toastmasters Club 7182865   DCP
Philadelphia, PA Comcast HQ Toastmasters* 1989281   DCP
Philadelphia, PA Impressive Rvnu Spkrs Club 3938     DCP
Philadelphia, PA Positively Charged Toastmasters 798761 DCP
Philadelphia, PA University City Toastmasters 1304762 DCP
Area 32 Adeoti Araba
Philadelphia, PA Bell Noontime Club 2988   DCP
Philadelphia, PA Indy Square Toastmasters 1524   DCP
Philadelphia, PA Jacobs Philadelphia Toastmasters* 5716542     DCP
Philadelphia, PA Janney ToastMasters* 5242256       DCP
Philadelphia, PA Liberty Toastmasters 1405482     DCP
Philadelphia, PA Orange Toast* 7019923       DCP
Area 33 Jennifer Tomczak
Philadelphia, PA Chubb Philadelphia Toastmasters* 3146251     DCP
Philadelphia, PA PwC Philadelphia Toastmasters* 7815334       DCP
Philadelphia, PA Talking Feds Club* 587755       DCP
Philadelphia, PA ToastMARKers* 1349073   DCP
Area 34 Angel Young
Philadelphia, PA GSK Navy Yard Toastmasters* 7456966     DCP
Philadelphia, PA HUD Crystal Tea Toastmasters* 858553     DCP
Philadelphia, PA Philly Phonetics 7783641   DCP
Philadelphia, PA SEPTA Toastmasters 3349720   DCP
Philadelphia, PA Sub & Surface Club 2886   DCP
Philadelphia, PA The Graham Company Toastmasters Club* 6737296     DCP
Division D Richard Barker
Area 40 Bob Rosenberg
Burlington, NJ Silver Tongues Toastmasters Club 6692 DCP
Haddonfield, NJ NIB (National Industries for the Blind)* 7855501   DCP
Lakewood, NJ Jersey Shore Toastmasters 6070 DCP
Robbinsville, NJ Mid-Day Toastmasters Club 4139 DCP
Wrightstown, NJ McGuire Achievers Club 3111 3111 DCP
Area 41 James Malliet
Egg Harbor Township, NJ Boardwalk Toastmasters 2677 DCP
Egg Harbor Township, NJ Mainland FAA Toastmasters 1107 DCP
Hancocks Bridge, NJ Atomic Orators* 7280111       DCP
Millville, NJ Speak E-Z 4414   DCP
Mullica Hill, NJ Rowan Toastmasters 4890231 DCP
Area 42 Lisa Aliquo
Camden, NJ American Water* 7025196     DCP
Camden, NJ Toastmasters International Rutgers-Camden Charter 3698761   DCP
Haddonfield, NJ Camden County Toastmasters Club 1189 DCP
Swedesboro, NJ Swede Talkers Toastmasters 1460223 DCP
Area 43 Barbara Johns
Mount Laurel, NJ AAA Motor Mouths* 5633364       DCP
Mount Laurel, NJ Ahmazing 2.0* 7560965   DCP
Mount Laurel, NJ Our Toastmaster's Voice 6280 DCP
Mount Laurel, NJ TD Toasts* 3887322   DCP
Mount Laurel, NJ Xfinity Communicators* 2556837   DCP
Area 44 Mark Chierici
Marlton, NJ Safeco / Liberty Mutual Toastmasters of New Jersey* 5107109     DCP
Mount Laurel, NJ Moorestown Area Toastmasters Club 4887   DCP
Mount Laurel, NJ Toastmasters In Unity Club 755315 DCP
Voorhees, NJ Voorhees Toastmasters Club 1009854 DCP
Division E Christopher Hulse, DTM
Area 50 Chris Dennis
Kutztown, PA Kutztown Area Toastmasters 1347465 DCP
Reading, PA Community Toastmasters of Reading 4891   DCP
Reading, PA Reading Toastmasters Club 714 DCP
Area 51 Lori Jumper
Milton, PA Greater Susquehanna Valley Toastmasters 583321 DCP
Moosic, PA Talk of the Rock* 762836       DCP
Scranton, PA Electric City Toastmasters 1607 DCP
Wilkes Barre, PA Blue Diamonds Club 687414 DCP
Wilkes Barre, PA Mondelez International Toastmasters* 3451218     DCP
Williamsport, PA Greater Williamsport Club 2960 DCP
Area 52 Ari Valero
Allentown, PA Lehigh Valley Creative Communicators 6275   DCP
Allentown, PA PPL Power Talkers Club* 6655   DCP
Bethlehem, PA Guardian Toastmasters Bethlehem* 7424095     DCP
Bethlehem, PA Lehigh Valley Toastmasters Club 2706 DCP
Area 53 Erin Bailey
Allentown, PA Concretely Speaking Club 5980   DCP
Allentown, PA Sunrise Toastmasters 8388 DCP
Allentown, PA Talk Of The Valley Club* 8513     DCP
Area 54 Craig Brodbeck
Ephrata, PA Ephrata 'Cloister' Club 3011 DCP
Lancaster, PA Laboratory Leaders Toastmasters Club* 6710807     DCP
New Holland, PA CNH America Toastmasters Club 3155 DCP
Division F Trisha Mukhopadhyay
Area 60 Anne Golden, DTM
Lawrence Township, NJ Mercer's Best Toastmasters 3375 DCP
Princeton, NJ Blackrock Speaks Princeton* 3614497       DCP
Princeton, NJ ETS Toastmasters Club 5087   DCP
Princeton, NJ Peak Performance Advanced [email protected] 5575734 DCP
Princeton, NJ United Toastmasters Club* 4775406       DCP
Area 61 Jennifer Steen
Lawrence Township, NJ Becoming Masterful Speakers 8209 DCP
Lawrence Township, NJ Lawrenceville Toastmasters Club 1376 DCP
Princeton, NJ Princeton Toastmasters Club 3954 DCP
Trenton, NJ Ewing Masters of Toast 7470275   DCP
Area 62 Kevin Robertson
Langhorne, PA Lower Bucks Toastmasters 8892 DCP
Langhorne, PA Washington Crossing Club 1100 DCP
Titusville, NJ Janssen Titusville Toastmasters* 5502002     DCP
Trenton, NJ CLIMB Toastmasters* 6861933       DCP
Area 63 Anis Rahman
Trenton, NJ LWD Toastmasters Club* 4773   DCP
Trenton, NJ Mary E. Brown Treasury Toastmasters* 930192     DCP
Trenton, NJ NJDEP Toastmasters* 2125917     DCP
Trenton, NJ NJOIT Toastmasters* 5241909   DCP
Trenton, NJ Union Public Speaker's Club 6520   DCP
Area 64 Christine Velasco
Pennington, NJ Albridge Toastmasters* 1509406     DCP
Pennington, NJ ML Bull Masters* 682559   DCP
Princeton, NJ Toastmasters by the Pond* 1316482   DCP
Trenton, NJ NJ D.O.T. Toastmasters* 610159   DCP
Trenton, NJ Standards of Excellence Toastmasters* 7224532     DCP
Division G Christine Wilson, DTM
Area 70 Nicholas Penrose
Conshohocken, PA AmerisourceBergen Toastmasters* 3655462       DCP
Conshohocken, PA ASTM Toastmasters Club* 4361     DCP
Conshohocken, PA Main Line Toastmasters Club 1198 DCP
Lafayette Hill, PA Speaky Pipes Toastmasters* 5215717   DCP
Plymouth Meeting, PA We The Speakers 9376 DCP
Area 71 Jill Brockman
Collegeville, PA Collegeville Toastmasters 4413375 DCP
Collegeville, PA NTC Toastmasters* 5769438       DCP
Collegeville, PA Pfizer Club* 5189     DCP
Gilbertsville, PA Koinonia Speakers 1234456   DCP
Pottstown, PA Bethel And Pottstown Community Toastmasters 1530453       DCP
Area 72 Scheraz Mahushukeen
Bala Cynwyd, PA Main Line Speaks 2813954 DCP
Bala Cynwyd, PA Phly Phorum 1244863   DCP
Philadelphia, PA Covenant Toastmasters Club 4479   DCP
Philadelphia, PA Overbrook Toastmasters Club 7812685   DCP
Area 73 Phil Hagerty
King Of Prussia, PA Arkema Toastmasters* 6625197     DCP
King Of Prussia, PA GCSP First Avenue Speakers* 7532319     DCP
King Of Prussia, PA Smithkline Speecham Club 7621   DCP
King Of Prussia, PA Valley Forge Toastmasters 1128 DCP
Norristown, PA High Voltage Toasters* 3365583     DCP
Oaks, PA SEI Toastmasters* 1037917     DCP
Area 74 Juanita Leary
Ardmore, PA Haverford Toastmasters 7060296 DCP
Berwyn, PA Picket Post Toastmasters Club 1191   DCP
King Of Prussia, PA Vertex Toastmasters Guild* 4543066     DCP
Wayne, PA Lincoln Financial Distributors* 5954202     DCP
Division H Meg Fosco, DTM
Area 80 Carol Watkis-Barnes
Ambler, PA Berkadia Toastmasters* 7645750     DCP
Spring House, PA JBI Toastmasters* 2070356     DCP
Willow Grove, PA Eastern Penn Advanced Toastmasters [email protected] 5666416   DCP
Willow Grove, PA Willow Grove Toastmasters 3474192   DCP
Area 81 Shyam Taparia
Doylestown, PA Doylestown Club 1540 DCP
Harleysville, PA Harleysville Toastmasters 625785   DCP
North Wales, PA Blue Bell Toastmasters 397 DCP
Souderton, PA Almac [email protected] 3760717   DCP
West Point, PA Merck West Point Toastmasters Club* 7848   DCP
Area 82
Blue Bell, PA Independence Club 1907 DCP
Blue Bell, PA Jolly Road Toastmasters Club 819848   DCP
Fort Washington, PA ACTSually Speaking Club 597856     DCP
Harleysville, PA Siemens Harleysville Club* 8841       DCP
Area 83 Michelle Westgate
Dresher, PA Toastmasters At The Rock* 712981   DCP
Fort Washington, PA Fort Washington Communicators Toastmasters 643401 DCP
Fort Washington, PA Toastmasters at the Fort* 6570240     DCP
Horsham, PA Horsham Consortium* 3600880     DCP
Area 84 Denise Rykard, DTM
Abington, PA Professionally Speaking Club 4521 DCP
Philadelphia, PA Northeast Philly Toastmasters 1134526   DCP
Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia Defense Speaks* 3403   DCP
Philadelphia, PA Philadelphias First Toastmasters Club 541 DCP